Master P’s Daughter Cymphonique Miller Is Learning ‘How to Rock’

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Nickelodeon is getting ready to rock. On Saturday, the network will premiere its new show “How to Rock,” starring rising teen star Cymphonique Miller. Miller is a familiar face at Nickelodeon, having guest starred on “True Jackson, VP” and “Big Time Rush,” but this time she takes on the role as leading lady on the show, which is based on the book “How to Rock Braces and Glasses” by Meg Haston.

Miller plays high school student Kasey Simon (think Rachel McAdams’ character in “Mean Girls”), leader of the Perfs, the most popular girls in school. But Miller’s character quickly finds herself kicked out of the “cool crowd” after she gets braces and glasses.

But Kasey won’t let the “make-under” get her down. She becomes friends with a new group of students and winds up as the lead singer of their new band, Gravity 5.

“[It’s] almost kind of like a battle of the bands, and the Perfs are sort of like the mean girls.” Miller recently told MTV News. “It’s like the Perfs are always planning some certain way to stop Gravity 5. You can see lots of crazy physical comedy and crazy stunts in the show, ’cause every week we do something totally silly and outrageous.”

Miller, who sings and co-wrote the show’s theme song, “Only You Can Be You,” is no stranger to the spotlight; her brother is actor/rapper Romeo, and her dad is hip-hop mogul Master P. Yet, that doesn’t mean it was easy for Miller to persuade her dad to let her star in “How to Rock.” She said he didn’t want her to be involved in “this crazy business” until he realized how passionate she was about it. So he gave her his approval, on the condition that she keeps up her grades.

“We put education first in our family, and Romeo is like my inspiration because he was not only doing film and everything, but he also went to college, he went to USC,” Miller said.

“They’re always just constantly telling me to not get into this business for the wrong reasons like fame or money or else you will never be happy, so just do it because you love it.” It seems like Miller certainly is loving what she is doing on “How to Rock” and hopes fans can relate to the show’s positive message.

“I hope that fans and the viewers can just take from the show is to find friends who love you for who you are, because it’s all about friendship with this show,” Miller said. “What they should learn is that at the end of the day, there’s nothing more important than being yourself.”

“How to Rock” premieres Saturday at 8:30 p.m. ET on Nickelodeon.

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