Cymphonique Miller, is an actress, singer, dancer and writer. This Los Angeles native, is one of Hollywood’s biggest teen phenomena and the star of the hit TV show How To Rock. Cymphonique has made a name for herself and built a diverse R&B, Pop and Hip Hop fan base through the Internet before taking her acting and music career mainstream. At a remarkably young age, she created her own brand and identity, in the entertainment world.

Cymphonique’s special skills are competitive kick boxing, swimming, drawing, writing, playing the piano and guitar. She is inspired by her passion to help others, created a book series to empower young girls called Fabulous Girls, and founded Fabulous Girls Charity to help bring awareness to kids with cancer. In addition to her being one of the youngest teens to receive a key to the City of Memphis for her philanthropic efforts, she is also the founder and President of Fabulous Girls Clothing as well as the spokesperson for BYOU, an organization specializing in girl empowerment and anti-bullying. She founded a performing arts school with Let The Kids Grow Foundation.