ResQ 3

RESQ 3 is the hot trio rock band on the music scene. RESQ 3 pronounced, rescue three, members are Christian, Miles E., and Romeo. These three young men came together through a unique friendship and a passion for music.

Christian may seem like the ordinary teen from Southern California that loves skateboarding, surfing and hanging with his family and friends but when it comes to music, his skills as a drummer and guitarist are phenomenal.

Miles E is the vocalist of the band. He’s no stranger to the music scene. He began performing live at a young age. He also loves to play his guitar. This multi-talented teen is headed for superstardom.

Romeo is a successful artist in his own right, winning a Grammy Award, an AMA, having a successful television show, and selling over 10 million records worldwide. Romeo is a pro when it comes to vocals and rapping. His hobbies are playing basketball and hanging out with his family.

RESQ 3 is the multi-talented teen band that every girl loves and every guy wants to be like. Romeo, Christian and Miles together makes this group unique and unstoppable. There’s no limit to the success of RESQ 3.

Oesi says:

resq3band is just amazing x

Sassy says:

OMG their song “Only You” is my favorite!!! They are so HOTTT

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