Cymphonique to Star in Nickelodeon Sitcom

Nickelodeon has picked up a sitcom pilot starring young Sony Music recording artist Cymphonique. The 14 year old Cymphonique Miller is set to star in “How to Rock Braces and Glasses,” based on a new book series from Alloy Entertainment. David Israel and Jim O’Doherty (“Grounded for Life”) are the writers.

“How to Rock Braces and Glasses” stars Cymphonique Miller as Kacey, a popular girl whose status takes a dive after she’s saddled with braces and glasses. Now shunned by the mean girls, Kacey finds a new way to shine — through her music.

Israel will exec produce along with Alloy’s Leslie Morgenstein and Gina Girolamo.

“How to Rock Braces and Glasses” was developed at Alloy as both a book and TV property simultaneously. (The book series is due to be published in September.) Alloy followed a similar model in developing the book and TV properties for the ABC Family pilots “The Lying Game” and “Nine Lives.” Israel’s and Doherty’s other credits include “3rd Rock From the Sun” and “The Tracy Morgan Show.”

Teen sensation Cymphonique is the daughter of music mogul, entrepreneurial businessman and philanthropist Percy Miller also known as Master P and the little sister of the multi-talented entertainer and college student-athlete, Romeo Miller.

Cymphonique also provides a voice on Disney’s “Phineas and Ferb” and starred in the features “Scarecrow Joe” and “Opposite Day”. Her acting abilities range from comedy to drama. As a singer, she has toured with Ashley Tisdale, Raven Symone, Demi Lovato and JoJo. Cymphonique is on an “All That” national school tour where she performs and speaks to thousands of students about the importance of education, dealing with peer pressure and bullying.

Cymphonique has tapped into the fast paced growing music markets targeting young people with her cool clean swagger. After her internet exposure and national school touring, she is in high demand. She has built stardom through the internet, like other popular artists such as Soulja Boy, Drake, Cassie, and Justin Beiber.

With her new songs, “Daddy I’m A Rockstar” and “All That”, Cymphonique is opening the doors for a new sub-genre called “Hip Rock Pop”. With her amazing vocals and mesmerizing dance skills, Cymphonique has been compared to the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna, Janet Jackson and Miley Cyrus. She’s more than a ‘triple threat’, this young entertainer has been trained in ballet, jazz, tap, and hip hop, and is also a competitive kick box champion and martial arts specialist.

Cymphonique is an Honor Roll student who takes pride in studying hard, making good grades, and never taking anything for granted. In addition, she is the founder of BYOU and Fabulous Girls Charity which helps bring awareness to kids with cancer. Miller says that her mission is to empower young girls and is leading by example that hard work, dedication, and commitment results in success. Not only does she make good music for the fans, she is conscientious of her song lyrics and the effect of the message she sends to young people that can make a difference and change lives.

Cymphonique previously appeared on Nick series such as “Big Time Rush”, “The Troop”, “True Jackson VP” and “Just Jordan.” And will now be starring in the new Nickelodeon sitcom “How To Rock Braces And Glasses”.

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Fabulous Girl Cymphonique Has Taken Entertainment to New Heights.

With the economy in the slum and record sales at an all-time low, the only market that seems to be boosting is young Pop music and entertainment. With the arrival of Hollywood Dream Music/Fontana recording artist, Cymphonique’s cool clean swaggar, she has tapped into one of the fast paced growing music markets targeting young people and still has the opportunity to sell millions of records. Cymphonique Miller is in high demand through internet exposure and national school touring. Cymphonique has built stardom through the internet, like other popular artists such as Soulja Boy, Cassie, and Drake.

With her fan frenzy following, at just thirteen years old, Los Angeles native Cymphonique has earned the title “Lil Miss Swaggar” and has been compared to the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna, Keri Hilson, and Miley Cyrus. At her young age, she already has quite an impressive resume. Cymphonique’s music style and fashion sense are a mix of Pop, R&B, and Hip Hop. Her incredibly powerful vocals are undeniable. In addition, she is a serious and talented actress and dancer, exercising these skills through musical theatre performances with the Children’s Theatre Experience. Cymphonique has trained in ballet, jazz, tap, and hip hop, and is also a competitive kick box champion and martial arts specialist. Cymphonique has co-starred on Nickelodeon’s Just Jordan, appeared on numerous national commercials and acted in various TV and film projects. Just recently, she has come off the Six Flags national tour performing with her super girl group, Fabulous Girls, opening for Disney star, Raven Simone.

Currently, Cymphonique is thrilled to be providing the voice for “Gretchen” on Disney Channel’s animated series Phineas and Ferb. Also, Cymphonique is hard at work on her next album titled, “Fabulous Girl”. Although Cymphonique is daughter to entrepreneur, music mogul and producer Percy Miller she is unquestionably making a name for herself. Inspired by her passion to help others, she has created a book series called “Fabulous Girls” to empower young girls and founded Fabulous Girls Charity to help bring awareness to kids with cancer.

Cymphonique’s music is the answer for kids and their parents; it’s cool entertainment with swaggar. Through her fast paced internet following, she has created a series of webisodes called Fabulous Girls TV. She will also be performing on a national Back to School Tour in the Fall and an international tour throughout Europe and Asia in 2010. When asked how she felt about her success, she explained, “I put my trust in God and I do this for the fans that support me. I just want to encourage young people to follow your dreams and believe in yourself. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, you can be successful if you work hard.”

Cymphonique’s single, “Lil Miss Swaggar” and album “Fabulous Girl” are available on iTunes.

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